What should you do after Matriculation? Some useful information for students

What should you do after Matriculation? Some useful information for students

What should you do after Matriculation? Some useful information for students

Matriculation results are out, and most of you have cleared and are promoted to the Intermediate level. Times, however, are robust, and things did not go the way you thought they would. Now is not the time to stress your mind with “what has left behind” instead of paying attention to “what is ahead.” What subjects have you picked, and where will they take you? What options are there in the field if you pass your intermediate with these subjects?

By planning for your future, you can put yourself in a safe and robust position even if you are not sure which career, degree course, or field you will aim for in a couple of years.

You have studied the subjects that did not interest you all this time, now is the time first to delete all those options and make a list of subjects and the degree and career options you can pick after studying them.

Subject options for Science students

FSc Pre-Medical

You need to love biology and chemistry if you want to choose this group. There is a pool of career options after study Pre-Med for students. Many of the students aim for an MBBS but with the field of medical sciences expanding each day, there is an array of options for students. Read our blog Medical fields other than MBBS and BDS to have a better idea.

FSc Pre-Engineering

A numerous education options are there for students after studying Pre-Engineering. With technology sciences enlarging their businesses and innovations in the industry, there is a rapid growth of career opportunities in the fields of Chemical, automotive, physical, robotics, electronics, textile and many more. The direct options for engineering are in the fields of Physical and Numerical Science and etc.

Here are some top fields:

  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Aeronautical Engineering
  3. Mechanical Engineering
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Civil Engineering
  6. BS Computational Physics
  7. Computer Engineering
  8. BS Space Sciences
  9. Agriculture Engineering
  10. Petroleum & Gas Engineering
  11. Chemical Engineering
  12. Civil Engineering
  13. Electronics Engineering
  14. BS Physics
  15. BS Nanotechnology
  16. BS Computer Science & Information Technology
  17. BS Electronics
  18. BS Mathematics
  19. Materials Engineering
  20. Metallurgy & Materials
  21. Polymer & Petrochemical
  22. Robotics, Embedded Systems & Control Engineering
  23. Telecommunication
  24. Textile Engineering

To get more understanding watch our videos on engineering and its various fields.

ICS with Physics

With the boom of IT industry and the innovations in the fields of Computers, this area has an unbelievable scope for students. Artificial Intelligence, data science and deep learning are some of the globally recognized top fields which will shape the future of this world. If you are an IT lover then this field is for you.

Listen to our PodcastTaleem by an AI expert from Amazon.com to get a clearer understanding of this field

Study Options for Arts and Commerce students

FA General Science & FA Humanities

The fields of arts and social sciences is becoming the most popular choice among the youth as the world needs better people with the understanding of humanities. If you are a humanitarian by nature and want to become a part of the world team planning and making policies to improve the world socially, culturally and environmentally, then you should go for these options.

To get a better understanding on humanities and social Sciences, listen to our PodcastTaleem by a Public policy maker Nisa Hafeez.

For the low scorers in General Sciences, here are the few options:

  1. DAE
  2. Medical Technology Programs
  3. Computer professional Diploma Programs
  4. Technical and Vocational Training
  5. Diploma in Homeopathic Medical Sciences

Intermediate Commerce

If you love to study about budget, economics, banking and your mathematical skills are good, this is the groups for you. There is again array of options for you in the fields of commerce and a number of universities in Pakistan are offering degree programs in the field of commerce. Most people go for an MBA or CA after completing their intermediate with commerce subjects.

To get a better understanding on Chartered Accountancy, listen to our PodcastTaleem where Ammar Zaidi talks about the scope of CA in Pakistan.

To know what options you have in MBA, read our blog on the scope of MBA in Pakistan. 

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