Has Corona-virus Affected Your Study Abroad Plans?

Has Corona-virus Affected Your Study Abroad Plans?

Has Corona-virus Affected Your Study Abroad Plans?

Your study plans are disturbed, admission process postponed, exams canceled, and scholarship application gone to waste – but not all is gone.

Although the current situation is not favorable for students, we want to keep you motivated and help you to not give up on your future education. How about you take this lockdown as a time when you can plan for the upcoming months?

So, here we are with our 4 tips, which will help you adapt to the COVID crises while not getting confused or distracted due to the plans of studying abroad seem to come to an end.

Keep the Application process going

If your initial plans were to start your studies this year, then you must have started the application process in last year November. With COVID showing up in January at some places and peaking in April, there is still a chance for you to start your college in September-October session – when most university sessions start around the world and by that time the virus will hopefully weaken. While one cannot estimate the time of uptick and decline in virus – if we are at home then perhaps that’s the best time to work on our application process for fall sessions in UK and US universities.

By the time you will plan your admission application, you will be glad to know that some universities are accepting applications from international candidates there might be a chance for you to grab a scholarship.

If the condition remains the same until July, then universities will come up with some methods and adapt to a changing environment and might revamp the traditional admission process and introduce some new methods. You have to stay updated and keep yourself informed about the changing situation. It is also good for you to know that some universities are still accepting online applications and offering scholarships around the world. Keep your eye on Campus Guru Scholarship page.

Change the destination

Maybe there is a chance that the virus has affected and will keep on doing so to the area that you picked for admission. Don’t worry and postpone your studies. Remember that it's never too late in education. We ask you to either change your study destination or wait till January 2021 when the new admission year will open. By then the virus will be gone and the picture will be clearer for you.

Check our admission process videos on Campus Guru Video portal to get guidance.

Take up an online degree

It is better to do something than nothing. Many students around the world are considering changing their study plan altogether by switching to online. Many prestigious universities from around the world are offering online degrees in several disciplines. We highly recommend that you take up an online degree, this is likely to not delay your plans much. Some universities abroad are also offering admissions on a rolling basis, you only need to meet the eligibility requirement. While you plan for studying online, make sure you have all the equipment and system ready i.e., laptop or desktop with an internet connection.

Online short courses

The process of learning shouldn’t stop at any cost. No matter which option you would like to take up from above, you should never sit idle and give up on your learning. Many international universities - including IVY league universities are offering free online courses that you are on a rolling basis, so, you can enroll at any time.

Other things that we recommend doing at this time are:

  •  Learn coding – thousands of tutorials are offered online
  • Learn a language – look up to Youtube videos or search for online classes
  • Read – reading articles and books about the subject you want to take at university is also a good idea!
  • Learn to play musical Instrument
  • Learn to design a website

Whatever you decide to do during this time, know that it will have a longer impact on your future educational journey. So, be alert and don’t give up on your dreams.

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