The 7 most commonly asked questions for fresh grads in an interview

The 7 most commonly asked questions for fresh grads in an interview

The 7 most commonly asked questions for fresh grads in an interview

As a fresh graduate you need to be well prepared for your interview, you should have an idea of what could be asked in your interview and most importantly, how to answer it correctly. As soon as your interview is scheduled make sure to have a piece of information about the organization you’ve applied at, also about the position you’ve applied for.
Be it any sector and an organization’s any department and any position, the following questions will be helpful for all as these are the most commonly asked questions:

1.Tell me about yourself
2.Why did you apply for this position?
3. Do you have any prior work experience?
4. What are your hobbies?
5.Why should we hire you?
6.What is your expected salary?
7.Do you have any questions?

These frequently asked questions cover the basics that hiring managers want to know about every
 candidate:like who you are,why you're a good fit for the job and what skills you have.You might not be asked these questions in these exact terms,but if you have answers prepared, you'll be ready for almost whatever the interviewer asks you.

1.Tell me about yourself

This is the most commonly asked question to begin the interview, it seems simple but you need to be prepared for this, make sure you don’t speak too much or even too little because they aren’t interested in hearing your whole life story so just give them a little highlight of your personal information and educational background along with your notable accomplishments.

2.Why did you apply for this position

Answer this question easily by the help of job description mentioned for the position by the recruiter. Mention any significant tasks, goals or needs that you find important. Let them know how the position is a fantastic fit for your skill set and aligns with your professional ambitions. Also, don't bring up the subject of money.Even if paying the bills was your primary motivation for applying for this job  you should never mention it there .

3.Do you have any prior work experience

Being a fresh grad it’s obvious that you won’t be having any such experience so the experience you need to mention here is the prior experience you had through school or college, this includes the extra curriculum activities you participated in, any part time jobs if you had any, can be mentioned here along with your internships’ experience.
Focus on trying to summarize your previous achievements with goals and records to make your response look more significant. At the same time make sure you don’t focus on good grades, only mention it when you’re asked about it because the recruiter is more interested in your practical learning and knowledge.

4.What are your hobbies

Don’t get confused when you’re asked about your hobbies instead be prepared because this question is likely to be asked in every other interview by the recruiter to analyze your personality based on your hobbies. Answer it honestly, you don’t need to mention any such hobby you’re not really involved in. Unless you're applying for a position where you know such replies are appropriate, avoid anything political, religious and any such activity that could give a negative impression.

5.Why should we hire you

This question is a good opportunity to promote yourself and your capabilities. You need to come up with an answer focusing not only on your ability to perform the job but also how you’re capable of generating good results which will be beneficial for the organization. You can highlight the characteristics or experiences which will differentiate you from other candidates and emphasize on the qualities that make you the right candidate based on the company’s culture and for the position.

6.What is your expected salary

The most important thing to remember while answering this question is to determine your pay requirements beforehand.Do some research on what similar roles pay.Don't forget to take into account your experience, education, talents, and personal requirements.Being a fresh graduate make sure you have evaluated the salary range being offered in the market to fresh graduates for the position you’ve applied for, once you get the idea of the pay. You can mention your expected salary from low end of your stated range closer to the mid-to-high end of what you're really aiming for. In case you’re not able to evaluate the salary range and are confused you can simply flip the question and ask the interviewer directly to share the salary range for the role, since you’re a fresh grad with not much experience so you expect them to offer a range based on your skills and experience.

7.Do you have any questions 

This is most likely to be the last question asked by the interviewer, this is going to be the final attempt to make an expression on the interviewer also a chance for you to decide as well if it’s the right job you have been looking for. So You must be having few questions in mind it could be related to your role, department or the company and there is the possibility that some of it might be answered during the interview so you can ask any questions that came in mind during the interview or anything you want to know more about the job.
If you think the questions you had in mind got answered already during the interview you can still come up with one or two questions so it could show your interest and preparation.

All the fresh graduates! Start preparing and answer these questions confidently, make sure you reach on time for the interview along with the required documents. This will make their decision easier which will be in your favor.

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