Learn your learning style

Learn your learning style

Learn your learning style

We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn. - Peter Drucker

Learning style speaks to realizing that all students have individualistic characters that they adapt to while learning. Vetoing the one method fits all notions; there are a total of 7 different styles that students can look into or find them most comfortable with while they’re trying to absorb, process, comprehend and retain information.

If you can identify your learning style early on in your academic career, life becomes a lot easier. Not all of us are born geniuses, or luck out with things like a photographic memory, so knowing which type of learning technique works best for you pose to be highly beneficial for your academic journey.

We have listed the 7 different learning styles. If you still haven’t found the one best fit for you, you’d find it useful to read through and take your pick depending on which sounds the most like you.

1. Visual Learner

If you find yourself learning and retain information best when there is ample use of pictures and images, even videos, it may be so that you are a visual learner. Learning, for you, comes from seeing the knowledge in front of you.

2. Aural Learner

Aural learners learn best when they can hear the knowledge being imparted. This learning style is akin to watching Ted Talks or YouTube lectures. You also learn more quickly if there is a melody involved! If you can make a song out of it, you’re going to remember and understand better.

3. Verbal Learner

Some learners find it easiest to retain information when they are able to speak and write. If you fall into this category of learners, then words are your friend! You’re someone who loves to take extensive or rapid notes, make flashcards or practice your knowledge out loud, such as giving your presentation to yourself in front of a mirror.

4. Kinesthetic Learner

You learn with your hands. You are able to understand concepts when you use your sense of touch, get the know-how of how something works. You’re the kind of person who will open up a toaster oven to see how it works rather than reading the manual.

5. Mathematical Learner

Mathematical learners are logical learners. They gain knowledge using reasoning, systems and networks. If you can make sense of something through logical problem solving, or through numbers, you’re a mathematical learner.

6. Social Learner

Social learners love group projects and group studying, and often find themselves as the teacher in a group study session. Their brain works best when they’re surrounded by people who are also studying the same thing as them.

7. Solitary Learner

If you enjoy a peaceful quiet studying environment, you may be a solitary learner. You learn and retain information when you’re by yourself. You like the peace and quiet of studying alone because that is when you produce top work.

If you found yourself in any of these categories, you’ve lucked out. Knowing and understanding your learning style makes it much easier to know how to study difficult subjects and understand complex concepts!

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