Guide for MDCAT Preparation

Guide for MDCAT Preparation

Guide for MDCAT Preparation

Medical and Dental College admission test commonly known as MDCAT is one of the major tests conducted in Pakistan for students who wish to take admission in medical college and study medical programs offered by the colleges, be it private or public, passing MDCAT is mandatory.
MDCAT is arranged every year based on Pakistan Medical and Dental Council’s criteria. This test consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) based on the MDCAT syllabus.

It is a difficult challenge to pass the test quickly. However, by thoroughly studying the entire curriculum and following certain tips and ideas, one can pass the test. As a result, in this area, we will assist you with your MDCAT preparation and show you how to attain your goal in a timely manner.

1. MDCAT Syllabus:

First thing you need to have is the MDCAT syllabus to understand the scope of the exam. The syllabus will assist you in determining the best course of action and topics to study. Examine the MDCAT syllabus and identify significant areas for improvement. Once you've grasped the MDCAT exam and its requirements, you'll be well on your way to a successful preparation. Make sure to get the latest syllabus by Pakistan Medical Commission, you can find the syllabus, its pattern and detailed information regarding the MDCAT syllabus here

2. Preparing from books:

Once you have understood the syllabus it will be easier for you to get the relevant books. It will be better to get books from Punjab Text Board. Begin your preparation by reading your books and taking notes as you go, making notes will assist you in quickly revising later on. Keep highlighting the important points and as you finish a chapter, you can prepare a test for yourself chapter wise or ask a friend or family member to take your test, this will help in evaluating the chapters. The amount of practice of the syllabus will determine your success.

3. Online Preparation:

Preparing for the test online is very effective as it will give you an idea of how the test is going to be and most importantly it will help you identify your weak points so you can work on it. Websites are available that offer online sample tests. Attempting such exams ahead of time will assist students in determining how they will approach the MDCAT test in the future. It will assist them in evaluating their preparation and identifying their areas of weakness. You can take online test for MDCAT here

4. Preparing from past papers:

Another key aspect is to practice previous questions. Many books include sample questions to help medical students prepare for their exams. These types of questions can be used as a practice exam. These questions should be attempted because they will offer you an idea of how you should approach the actual exam. You can easily find the past papers online too. Check out one of the MDCAT’s past papers here:

5. Joining an institute:

Students who are unable to prepare for tests at home or who lack motivation to do so should join an academy/institute that offer MDCAT preparation.  It is important to get appropriate guidance when preparing for the MDCAT. There are numerous MDCAT preparation institutes that assist students in preparing for the exam by teaching them correct approaches and strategies. These academies provide students with detailed instructions and instruments to assist them in passing their exams. They assist students in covering the entire MDCAT syllabus in a timely manner and in accordance with the MDCAT test standards. You can find institutes from our website as well.

6. Revision:

Once you’re done with your preparation beforehand, don’t just lean on it alone instead keep revising what you’ve learnt as it is essential to take a step back and reflect on what you've learnt to keep track of your progress. Revising is also an effective way of practicing and as the saying goes “Practice makes a man perfect,” similarly you will be perfectly ready and prepared for the test.

Follow these tips and get prepared, Good Luck!


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