4 Reasons to do Internships

4 Reasons to do Internships

4 Reasons to do Internships

When you join university, one thing that everyone keeps telling you to do but that no freshperson ever does is gain experience through internships. In your first 2 years, you convince yourself that you have lots of time left to get that internship on your resume, and in your last 2 years you find that you don’t even have the time to work on internships anymore because you have FYP’s, Theses and Capstone Projects to work on. As a college or university student, you have more than enough time during summer and winter vacations to do as many internships as you can.

Most internships in Pakistan last around 6 to 8 weeks. Some organizations, such as corporate companies, will hire interns and rotate them in different departments so that they can learn what each department of the company does and how it all comes together; these rotation internships also go a long way in helping you figure out what type of work you might be interested in pursuing in the future. Other organizations hire interns to work on a particular project, such as NGO’s, where you are given a set of tasks to complete before the end of your internship.

The experience that comes with internships is what sets a fresh graduate apart from their peers. You know the lingo, you know how companies work, you know how to interact with people; all these things tell an employer that you know what you want and are ready to join the job market.

It’s vital to help your future self and get as much internship experience as you can before you graduate and join the job market, or right after your graduation. Here are some important reasons why:


If you are lucky enough to bag a good internship during your university life or right after college, it can do wonders for shaping your personality and career. As students, you bring a fresh perspective to problems that the people who have worked there for longer might not have, and can apply newer technical and theoretical knowledge to your work.

You learn new things, take decisions on your own and gain expertise in problem-solving.

Learn your Strengths

Many students are not aware of their abilities, expertise, goals and how they can achieve them until they enter a professional environment. Sometimes you are convinced that you want to pursue a certain career path, but find out that your interests and abilities lie somewhere else. You learn how to work under pressure in a completely different environment where you are responsible for your actions and completing the tasks you are given.


Being appointed as an intern in a big organization helps you connect with people who can later help you achieve your goals and excel in your professional career. You interact with people in the same profession and show them your ability to work in the same environment as them. Developing these relationships is one of the most useful parts of doing internships.

Boost your CV

Internships at renowned companies and organizations can put you a step further than your colleagues in terms of getting that interview call. Having experience on your CV sets you apart, especially because you can elaborate on the tasks, projects or assignments that you may have worked on during your internships and the many different skills they taught you.

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