Aim of Good Guidance and Counselling Programmes

Aim of Good Guidance and Counselling Programmes

Aim of Good Guidance and Counselling Programmes

The following are the objectives of the Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program:

  • It caters to all students' educational and vocational needs, as well as providing developmental and remedial services.
  • It performs an annual evaluation of the pupils' performance.
  • It works and coordinates with school employees, teachers, parents, and the community at large to ensure that educational programmes are delivered in an effective way.
  • It provides kids with frequent access to school counsellors on school grounds.
  •  The school counselling programme helps students, teachers, and the community. The following are some of the advantages for students.
  • The curriculum prepares students to face problems in their academic, social, and occupational situations so that they can adapt to them.
  • The programme prepares students to achieve their future objectives and deal with disappointments by teaching them life-enhancing skills and the art of self-management.
  • The curriculum informs students about the changes that are occurring in the world around them.
  • The programme helps students plan their future and prepares them for a job.
  •  Parents benefit from the following.
  • It assists parents in making methodical plans for their children's future.
  • The programme provides parents with the necessary assistance to advocate for their children's education and career paths, as well as to assist in their personal development.
  • The programme improves school-parent contact; and • Parents have greater and easier access to the school community. The following are some of the advantages for teachers.
  • The programme guarantees that students' academic activities are complemented.
  • Teachers work with a team of specialists to support and assist kids in academics as well as career preparation; the programme also offers teachers with training and counselling so that they may fulfil their duties effectively.


The following are some of the advantages for school counsellors:

  • The programme enables the school counsellor to deal with pupils on an individual basis, according to their needs and requirements.
  • The curriculum portrays the school counsellor as a student champion and clearly describes the role and duties of the school counsellor.
  • The counsellor is allowed to operate in accordance with the school's objective and goals. Administrators gain from the following.
  • Because the counselling programme is conducted as part of the school's academic objective, the goals may be met more successfully.
  • The administrators do not need to work on the content or structure of the programme because it is already in place, and they can quickly analyse the guidance and counselling programme.

The following are some of the community's advantages:

  • The programme guarantees that students receive the necessary community support for their achievement.
  • The programme prepares students for careers and high-quality labour, the community's economic growth is boosted.
  • More chances for community people to contact with schools and learn about their missions and programmes.
  • The initiative makes both the community and the schools more aware of each other's needs, fostering a stronger partnership between the two.


The following are some of the advantages for business and industry:

  • School counselling programmes equip students with decision-making skills, pre-employment skills, and essential work skills, making it easier for businesses to acquire talented workers.
  • The initiative permits well-known businesses and sectors to engage in the schools' career development programmes. Businesses and industries may work more closely with counsellors and communities to collaborate and coordinate.

Guidance and Mentorship Programme

GAME is a mentorship programme for groups. The program's goal is to assist young people who are at danger of dropping out of school in their development. The majority of the children in the programme are between the ages of thirteen and sixteen.

Programme Description:

  • Throughout the programme, young children participate in activities that enhance their abilities and aid in their overall development.
  • It allows adolescents to have interactive sessions with mentors via emails, phone conversations, and other means.
  • The mentorship programme is centred on a group setting.
  • The mentors provide students with comprehensive assistance and counselling.


The child must be recommended to the programme by a school counsellor in order to participate.

Trained & qualified volunteers:

The workshops are led by qualified volunteers who offer the children with the required direction so that they can develop the essential skills.

Enhanced programme:

The curriculum is a six-month organised learning programme with Positive Youth Development and Social Emotional Learning components to assist it.

Provision of resource materials:

The programme also guarantees that all of the children have access to the necessary resource material, such as books.

Evaluation to assess participant’s performance:

A pre- and post-evaluation assessment exam is also included in the curriculum to measure the youth's progress.

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