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Apex Consulting Services

Apex Consulting Services (ACS) is an overseas education advisor with primary focus on helping students in getting admission in overseas universities and colleges.

Apex Consulting Services, with its student-centric approach, would try to be a leading education consultant of Pakistan by helping you in getting admission in universities and colleges in our panel and at your own choice.

With the prime objective of serving the youth with education services, Apex Consulting Services would arrange free educational seminars and meeting with senior professionals and qualified persons including Chartered Accountants, Bankers, Professors, Doctors, Lawyers and other knowledgeable persons who would help you in successful career planning including advice in admissions in local and foreign colleges/universities/institutions.

Youth is considered to be an asset of every developed country. Following the same approach we would always try to serve our beloved country Pakistan by providing it educated persons. We would always try to be student-centric rather than product-centric. We would never opt profit at the cost of students’ career. We would also help students to get admission and set their future in Pakistan via successful career planning and prudent advice of our professionals.


1. Admission in overseas universities and colleges
2. Visit Visa in different countries
3. Advisory services for admission in local universities/colleges
4. Free Educational Seminars

Uk, Australia, Canada, Us, Cyprus, Germany, Brazil, Ireland, China, Fiji, Malaysia

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