The Benchmark started its journey in 2001, when couple of educationists started to feel that present education system is obsolete and cannot prepare a generation who can take challenges in near future. They realize that the most important part of education is missing and that is Tarbiah. We’ve been going away from the teaching of Islam without realizing the consequences in this world and in the Akhirah. In our current education system, we have more emphasis to look good rather to be good. People’s perception is more important than reality. Marks are more important than real achievement. Our success becomes hurdle for us to be humble, respectful, and a good human being. It teaches us to become prominent that make them more self-centered, arrogant and greedy. With this approach, when we win or lose, we react excessively. It increases anguish and greed that make us live a miserable life.

General Information

City Karachi
Examination Type Annual
Local Affiliations
Foreign Affiliations Cambridge International Examinations - CIE
Campuses Karachi


Campus Facilities

  • Cafeteria
  • Computer Labs
  • Library
  • Science Labs
  • Transport

Institute Details

Karachi, Pakistan

Quick Summary

Institute ownership Private

Admission type Aptitude Test


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