Mindstone, a London-based edtech company, has raised €1.7 million through a crowdfunding campaign

Mindstone, a London-based edtech company, has raised €1.7 million through a crowdfunding campaign

Mindstone, a London-based edtech company, has raised €1.7 million through a crowdfunding campaign

Mindstone, a purpose-driven edtech firm, has just collected €1.7 million in an amazing crowdfunding campaign, exceeding its funding goal and becoming one of the biggest edtech funding campaigns on the Seedrs platform to date.

Mindstone, a London-based firm formed in 2020, is CEO Joshua Wohle's second venture following the acquisition of his prior startup, SuperAwesome, in 2020. Joshua is on a quest to change the way people think about online education, a field that has experienced a lot of buzz recently.

Mindstone is reimagining online education from the ground up, believing that the internet is the most valuable learning resource in the modern world. The fledgling company's mission is to democratise education so that people may learn faster and retain more information. The platform aims to enable users to personalize their learning by allowing them to consume content that is most relevant and interesting to them.

The Mindstone platforms uses learning science to enable specialists from many areas of life to design engaging courses based on the greatest pre-existing web articles, podcasts, and video — leveraging the potential of the digital education assets. As a result, anyone can teach and anyone can take a wide variety of courses, ranging from astrophysics to zoology and all in between.

"Online education is flawed," said Joshua Wohle, the company's founder and CEO. Providers and courses are frequently constrained to static, one-size-fits-all curricula and simply recreate traditional in-person teaching methods in an online context. To address this issue, we are reinventing online education from the ground up. The Internet is the largest knowledge store in human history, and our technology makes it as simple as curating a Spotify playlist to create a course from existing high-quality online material. Meanwhile, our compound learning method, in which course content grows in response to queries and input from learners to continuously improve the experience, places learners at the centre of everything, as they should."

Jack Edwards, a lifestyle, travel, and literature blogger (How To Be A Better Reader), "studytuber" Unjaded Jade (How to Self Study), Vix Meldrew (How to Build Your Personal Brand on Instagram), and Eleanor Neale (How to Build Your Personal Brand on Instagram) are among the influencers who have signed up to contribute courses and share their expertise (How to Research a True Crime Case).

This new round of funding includes commitments from Moonfire Ventures founder Mattias Ljungman, who is backing the firm to joining the likes of Klarna, Viagogo, Peakon, and ClimateCorp as unicorns he has backed from the start. Mustard Seed Maze, Techstars managing director Eamonn Carey, US VC Scout Fund, Zanichelli Venture, and Andrew Gault, founding partner of 7percent Ventures, all contributed to the campaign.

While Mindstone is already available on PC, iOS, and Android, the new financing will go into expanding the company's mobile platforms, as well as more research and development, recruiting, and commercial partnerships, all of which will help to further democratise online education.

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