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Clifton Coaching Centre

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Education is a planned activity, & academic is that planner which paves the way for learning. It is the content of education that decides the method & device for teaching. Here we plan for a particular topic in a way that ensures the development of judgment & reasoning power, language skills & creative abilities. We proceed from known to unknown, easy to difficult, concrete to abstract, simple to complex, empirical to rational, to ensure maximum learning.
Our Mission: is to promote the Education of Modern & Computer Science according to the teaching of Islam. We are polishing, Talent, Abilities & Hidden qualities of our student with the co-operation of our dedicated, educated & talented staff.
Our Objective: To identify the best of committed Teachers, to best educate our learners & better equip them to follow their vision." Our objectives are set according to who is the audience for learning what to be taught, how it is to teach, and to what degree is to be taught. Our objectives are directly proportional to our vision & mission.

  • 7th Floor, Chapal Ocean Centre, Block-3, Clifton, Karachi.
  • 0345-8270787
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