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Pakistan Society for Training & Development

Pakistan Society for Training and Development (PSTD) is an independent, non-profit and non-government institution supporting those who develop the knowledge and skills of employee in organization in Pakistan. It is managed by an honorary Board of Governors comprising of senior executives and human resource professionals from prominent organizations in Pakistan.
PSTD’s sole purpose is to raise the standard of professionalism within the society, whilst its mission is to build and broaden the horizon of professional leadership, capacity and capability in Pakistan.
PSTD offers over 130 different courses ranging from Soft Skills, Technical Skills, Project Management, Finance, Marketing and Sales, Women Development, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management and HSE to name a few. We also offer international leadership courses by Ken Blanchard, one of the top 10 leadership training companies in the world. Ken Blanchard’s “Situational Leadership II” is the world’s most sought leadership training model for more than 30 years. The program uses game-changing techniques that immerses SL II quickly, deeply and effectively.
PSTD has a state of the art and purpose built training facility which includes Conference Halls, Syndicate Rooms, Auditorium, Board Room and Brainstorming Room. These can be provided to organizations for encouraging learning culture. The Society is equipped with the latest training equipment and services essential for conducting trainings and seminars.

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