Society Public School

Soekarno Bazar, Gunj Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
| 0320 2949425 | [email protected]


A dream to satisfy the untouched desires. It was established to educate the kids. It was founded to impart them a maturity level. It is not only an institution but a milestone to strengthen the character of the children. Society Public School is one of the best schools in Lahore. Societies always capture prominent positions in curricular and extracurricular.

General Information

City Lahore
Examination Type Annual
Local Affiliations SSC
Foreign Affiliations
Campuses Lahore


Campus Facilities

  • Computer Labs
  • Indoor Sports Facilities
  • Library
  • Medical Room
  • Science Labs

Institute Details

Lahore, Pakistan

Quick Summary

Institute ownership Private

Admission type Aptitude Test


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