Diya Pakistan Foundation Scholarship

Degree LevelGraduate
Type Need Based Scholarships
Final Deadline 20 May, 2021
Intake Year2020


Mission critical – “Education for All”

Approximately 75 million people in Pakistan can neither read nor write. Some 25 million youths are out of school. This high illiteracy level is the main cause of poverty and many social evils. Poverty forms a barrier between a child and the education he or she rightfully deserves. Changing this situation demands each one of us to act now, and Diya can be your act of kindness.

People of integrity, commitment, professionalism

Diya Pakistan is led by a team of highly accomplished Non Resident Pakistani professionals from Middle East who are determined to make a difference. Our common vision is an Educated Pakistan. The present Chairman of Board of Trustees is Mr Afaq Khan, who is the Head of Islamic Banking in Habib Bank Limited. Meet our people here

Best use of your wealth, high impact

Diya ensures that 100% of your donation reaches a deserving child without any deductions. For this purpose, all administrative expenses of Diya are directly paid by the trustees, and nothing by the donor. You can rest assured that your zakah, sadaqa and other contributions are directly reaching the most deserving students.

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