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National Center for Proteomics

National Center for Proteomics, University of Karachi was established under a development grant provided by planning commission in 2004. The mission of the National Center for Proteomics, University of Karachi, is to provide service and support for proteomics research in the areas of basic science and disease related research. The Center is equipped with various state of the art techniques and instrumentation including one and two dimensional electrophoresis, mass spectrometer, Simple and Real time PCR.
Establishment of national centre for proteomics at University of Karachi is a milestone in field of biological sciences in Pakistan. The aim is to make use of recent revolutionary breakthroughs in the technologies of proteomics and implementing these in relevant areas of biological research. The mandate of the institute is to serve as a core facility to fulfill the investigators' and researchers' needs related to area of proteomics and allied sciences including biochemists, cell biologists, pharmacologists and clinicians.

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