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Institute of Clinical Psychology

Institute of Clinical Psychology is a reputable institute and has a distinguished status in the field of clinical psychology and research since it has been established. The Institute’s high quality training, research and congenial environment ensures its position as the institute of choice for Pakistan’s high-caliber postmasters students. The students of ICP are highly competitive and are working effectively in wide-ranging fields of employment. It is this reason that students of ICP are in high demand in various organizations.
Institute facilitates research in multiple disciplines that includes clinical psychology, child and educational psychology, social psychology, consumer behavior and marketing research. In its vision to promote research, the institute facilitates its faculty to participate in research projects, and interns to conduct supervised researches. The Institute has been successful in conducting researches of international standards, and funds are raised every year to purchase psychological test material from international sources. There is also focus on translation of tests/scales in local language and then conducting normative studies in order to have statistics of psychological problems prevalent in Pakistan.

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