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Food & Biotechnology Research Centre

Food and Biotechnology Research Centre was established in 1977 by the merger of two separate divisions namely, Biological Evaluation and Fermentation and Food Technology & Nutrition. Among the major objectives of this centre are the assistance in the establishment / development of food and biotechnology industry in the country through value-added output from low-priced raw material, bio-resource development and utilization, quality assurance of finished products, resolution of industrial trouble-shooting, and attracting small and medium level entrepreneurs to establish the industry.
 The Centre has well equiped laboratory, functional pilot plant, Integrated experimental field. In addition to the usual laboratory needs, specialized instruments include automatic absorptions spectrophotometer (AAS), high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC), gas chromatograph (GC, Ion Exchange Chromatograph, testing services of centre in the field of microbiology, mycotoxin & approximate analysis of food & feeding stuff are accreditated under ISO\IEC 17025:2005 with PNAC.

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