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Allied Immigration Services Inc.

We are a team of experienced immigration professionals whose commitment with honesty and integrity has been the hallmark of our credentials and credibility.

We have been providing all sorts of immigration related services to the community for the last 15 years with utmost integrity and responsibility. With bright ideas and exceptional approach, we offer the best solutions to our clients where clients set the standards and we excel in achieving them.

We make smart moves and produce striking results. We have extensive experience, specialized knowledge and established credentials in comprehending our clients’ needs, and providing perfectly compatible solutions.

Our professionals are committed to maintaining the highest standards and ethics in providing services to our clients. Success is our commitment and excellence is a bar that we have never gone below.

Allied Immigration Services Inc. has numerous satisfied individual and business clients who have been served over the years either by providing appropriate advice or by representing their cases before Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Only a handful of firms in immigration and educational arena are so confident of their core values that they are willing to share the rewards of their work in the way that we do, and there is no better way to foster excellence.

Experience us and you will stick to us!

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