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The construction work of the asylum began in 1859 on the top of Ghora Gali hills. This building of Lawrence Asylum was near the present Junior School. By l860, the construction was completed and the building was occupied. It was used as a hostel for both boys and girls. But later on, due to lack of accommodation for the students, construction of a new hostel for the girls began in 1867. This building is now known as Prep School. In 1868, the construction was completed and the building was brought operational. In 1869, a committee was set up to inspect various asylums of India, and their job was to avoid the construction of new buildings as they were not having a good financial condition. Lord Napier visited the asylum in 1873 and suggested that a new building should be erected to increase the accommodation because condition of the asylum was satisfactory.

عام معلومات

شہر مری
امتحان کی قسم Annual
مقامی وابستگی ایس ایس سی
غیر ملکی وابستگی کیمبرج انٹرنیشنل اکزیم - سی آئی ای
کیمپس مری


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  • آڈیٹوریم
  • انڈور اسپورٹس فیسِلٹی
  • اوٹڈور اسپورٹس فیسیلٹی
  • سائنس لیبز
  • لائبریری
  • کمپیوٹر لیبز
  • کیفیٹیریہ


  • میل ہوسٹل
  • میل پلینز

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داخلہ کی قسم Aptitude Test

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