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In the heart of Karakorum Range, at the confluence of two great glaciers, the Baltoro Glacier and the Godwin-Austen Glacier, is situated Concordia. Concordia provides an awe-inspiring view of some of the highest peaks in the world. It is a base camp for mountains like K-2, Broad Peak and Gasherbrum. Daring climbers start their journey to conquer these peaks from here. Concordia is surrounded by eighteen peaks that are more than 5000 metres high. This makes Concordia a special place on earth. In the same spirit, our students will start their educational career from Concordia Colleges. We prepare students for entry into the best engineering, medical and general educational institutions in Pakistan and abroad. With our expert faculty and state-of-the-art pedagogy, Concordia Colleges will nurture students’ abilities to their highest possible potential as they go forward on their educational journey.

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کیمپس گوجرانوالہ لاہور فيصل آباد اوکاڑہ ساھیوال شیخوپورہ سیالکوٹ


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