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The idea of establishing this prestigious English Medium Residential institution was conceived by Mr. A. Z. K. Sherdil, the then Commissioner of Faisalabad Division, Faisalabad. He materialized the idea of getting the present vast piece of land allotted for the College. His successor Mr. Shahzad Hassan Pervez laid the foundation of the College building which was later on completed during the period of Mr. Tasneem Mukhtar Noorani, the then Commissioner. The institution started functioning during 1995 as secondary school which was later on upgraded to assume the status of College in 1998 when Mr. Javed Malik was the Commissioner of Faisalabad Division. Thereafter Major (Retd) Iqbal Ahmad made a substantial contribution in making available four buses to the college to provide pick and drop facility to the students of Junior section. The construction of Junior/Girls section started during the stay of Major (Retd) Iqbal Ahmad, the former Commissioner, Faisalabad. The plan approval and cost was arranged by Mr. Tahir Hussain, Commissioner / President BOG Sandal College Faisalabad, who had played a major role in the history of Sandal College. He made Girls College functional in 2003 during his tenure as DCO Faisalabad.

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شہر فيصل آباد
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کیمپس فيصل آباد


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فيصل آباد, پاکستان


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