Content Policy is an educational platform for students, parents and teachers to discuss, connect and share ideas and ask questions in a healthy digital environment. We want to turn discussion forum a home to the authentic and reliable content online. The nature of the content is light, serious, educational, queries, or anywhere in between. While sharing your ideas or posing questions, its important to keep in mind the values mentioned above. We expect the users and communities to show respect to others so we may continue to help people answer their education related queries.

Prohibited Content

While gives a lot of freedom in what content is suitable, we also stress a lot on maintaining high standard and quality.

Content is unwelcome if it

  • Is illegal
  • Is a pornography
  • Is sexual or suggestive content involving minors
  • Is a hate speech against any group or inciting violence
  • Is threatening, harassing or bullying
  • Is personal or confidential information
  • Is misleading or deceptive
  • Is using platform for personal business marketing
  • Is a spam

Prohibited Behavior

Besides the prohibited content, the following attitudes are unacceptable on discussion forum.

  • Asking for votes
  • Breaking or doing anything that disrupts the normal use of
  • Creating multiple accounts to avoid restriction.

How we enforce

We at want to maintain high quality standards, therefore, if above rules are note followed, we may

  • Suspend your account temporarily or permanently
  • Restrict your account
  • Remove your content
  • Ban a community
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